October, and the year is almost about to end. Here are 2 main events you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting the mystic North East in October.

1. Shillong Fashion Week – Shillong’s very own fashion event

The Shillong Fashion Week is the much anticipated two day fashion event starting from October 19 at the HEHU Convention Centre, Shillong. The Shillong Fashion Week is expected to feature about 16 amazingly talented fashion designers from the North Eastern states.

2. Tawang Festival – Tawang’s very own tourism festival

The Tawang Festival is a 5 day long tourism festival organized to gear-up tourism in Tawang, one of the biggest tourism hotspots in the north east region. The Tawang Festival is being organized for the first time this year and is expected to be a great extravaganza for tourists looking for adventure and photography.

So, if you are visiting #northeastindia in Oct check these 2 events on your itinerary. And if you are attending any of these events, please share your experiences and photos with us on our FB page or by emailing us at info [at] reviewne [dot] com.


Photo credit : op john