500px Global Photo Walk – Kohima

500px Global Photo Walk – Kohima

We are glad to announce that we are hosting the 2nd 500px Global Photo Walk for Kohima, Nagaland on September 6, 2014. The 500px Global Photo Walk is an annual photo walk organised by 500px in all major cities around the world. And with reviewNE hosting the event for Kohima, it will be one among the 5 cities to host this global event in India.

500px has more than 2.5 million photographers using it to share photos and collaborate with fellow photographers from around the world. The 500px Global Photo Walk – Kohima will start from Kohima War Cemetery and end at Razhu Point, Kohima Main Town. The event will bring together photography enthusiasts from the city to walk and explore Kohima. The theme for the event is “Patterns and Symbols”. And to encourage the participants, there will be lucky draw surprise gifts and prizes (applicable only to participants who are 500px users) after the photo walk. The photo walk will be led by Menuolhoulie Kire, an IITian and an award winning photographer.

Details about the 500px Global Photo Walk – Kohima:

Where: Meet up at Kohima War Cemetery

When: 3pm September 6, 2014

Route: Kohima War Cemetery to Razhu Point

Duration: 2hrs (approx.)

Hashtag: #WeAre500px #500pxKohima

The Plan: We will team up at Kohima War Cemetery for a quick meet and greet session. And then walk towards the Kohima Main Town taking pictures crossing the hustle bustle marketplace and finally towards Razhu Point. 

The theme of the walk is “Patterns and Symbols.” We see patterns and symbols everywhere around us — crowds of people, cars stuck in traffic, patterns in nature, so let’s capture everything that relates to that!

We will wind up at Ozone Cafe, Razhu Point for a quick bite and to upload photos to our respective 500px accounts.

Confirm your spot via the Facebook Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1439967346286503/