Alobo Naga and The Band is a contemporary Progressive band from Dimapur, Nagaland. The band is made up of five very ordinary and typical young Naga men. Nagaland has the reputation of being perhaps the most musical state in India. And considering the fact that India itself is a virtual treasure of musical styles and traditions that’s no mean feat!

Dimapur, the town where the band originates, has been at the center of the musical revolution which has been progressively overtaking the state. From Bach and Beethoven to the Black Eyed Peas and Maroon 5’s ‘Moves like Jagger’, Nagaland is no stranger to any genre you can think of. ‘Alobo Naga and the band’ by establishing themselves as heavyweights in this environment of musical explosion has earned their stripes. After all the critics here are as unforgiving as they come! Formed in 2010 they have been making more and more noise, of the good kind of course. While their roots are firmly entrenched in the contemporary progressive rock genre, they nevertheless appreciate and are quick to incorporate from any other genre.

Alobo Naga & The Band’s song ‘Painted Dreams’ was selected as the Theme Song of the prestigious International Short Film Festival 2011 –Guwahati. The song “Painted Dreams” went up to No.4 at International Top 10 chart at VH1, and was successively pronounced one of the top 50 videos of 2011 by the same channel.

Alobo Naga and The Band Biography


Alobo Naga – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bamhum

Akum Jams – Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals

Fung Walling – Bass/Vocals

DJ Sumika Yepthomi – Turntable / Guitar/Vocals

Prithish Chakroborty & Betoka Swu – Band Managers

Official website –

Official FB page –

Press Contact – +91 9615 1025 45

Booking Agent – +91 9706984174 |+91 9615 1025 45 |


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