Aoleang Monyu festival is the biggest and most significant festival of the Konyak Nagas of Nagaland. Celebrated during the first week of April every year, Aoleang is a vibrant spring festival and of great cultural significance for the Konyaks.

Aoleang is mainly celebrated in the Mon district of Nagaland from April1-6. It marks the ending of the sowing season and the beginning of a new year for the Konyaks and prayers are offered for a prosperous harvest season. Customary rituals are performed and traditional dances, songs, and indigenous games are displayed as part of the Aoleang celebrations.

Road shows are organized in Mon district during the festival to showcase and highlight the unique and interesting culture and heritage of the Konyak tribe. The Aoleang feast with traditional and modern cuisine is a main highlight of this festival. Aoleang is a celebration of life and has slowly evolved over the ages into one of the most significant festivals of Nagaland that glorifies the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the state.