Assam is a beautiful state and is widely known for its rich biodiversity and ethno-cultural groups. Beautiful valleys and hills spread throughout the state makes Assam a hot tourist destination. And Assam is in fact the biggest tourist destination among the 8 northeastern states.

The Brahmaputra river which forms the lifeline of the state is a majestic river with an origin older than the Himalayas. And the Brahmaputra Valley is a wonderful sight. Assam is also known for its plush tea estates and Assam tea is believed to be one of the finest in the world.


Guwahati, the capital city, is a bustling city and of great commercial importance not only for Assam but also for the rest of the northeaster states. The state is abundant in nature and wildlife. Kaziranga National Park is home to the one horned rhinos and several other wildlife species. It is also a World Heritage site. Assam is definitely a must visit for wildlife tourism adventures.