must attend music festivals of north east india

Looking for the must attend music festivals in north east India? Well, North east India has always been at the musical foreground and with a plethora of concerts and indigenous festivals happening throughout the year, music is a spirit that resonates throughout the region. These music festivals are no doubt one of the most popular events and people wait with such awe and anticipation to be a part of it.

There are lots of musical events in the region promoting music and artistes alike. But the 2 must attend music festivals in north east India, which stand out totally based on popularity, impact, and the grandness of it, are the Ziro Festival of Music and the Hornbill International Rock Contest.

The Ziro Festival of Music

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to groove to music in an open air act with wonderful lush green rolling up to the stage and beyond…Lush green all around, tripping to your favourite bands, drowning in the music and the fresh air…soaking up all the best things that nature can throw your way? Well, you might just be in time for that extraordinary experience of your life if you act now. The Ziro Festival of Music 2014 which is aptly deemed the most happening outdoor music festival in the country starts on Sep 25 through Sep 28. Loaded with much more musical and cultural acts than the earlier 2 versions of the festival, the Ziro Festival of Music 2014 is expected to be extra livelier and entertaining. So don’t miss these 4 days of EAT, DRINK, & MERRY at Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh.

The Hornbill International Rock Contest

7 days of cultural festivity enthused with the biggest rock contest of the country – that’s just a tinge of what you get to feel and experience at the Hornbill International Rock Contest. Hornbill Festival of Nagaland is one of the biggest cultural tourism festivals in the country and has been pulling in hordes of tourists over the years. All the culture and heritage of the various Naga tribes under one roof, showcased to educate the world the cultural plight of the Nagas, Hornbill Festival makes its own rock contest, the best ever experience bridging the past with the present. You are in for a treat nonetheless this December in Kohima. And well the news is Smokie, yes you heard it right, is going to be performing this year at the Hornbill International Rock Contest 2014.


Don’t forget to pack yourself some extra warm clothes if you are hitting any of these 2 festivals as it gets really cold here in the region. Once the music dies down, the sweat from all those head banging cools off and the last flicker of light is drowned, it really gets cold. Stay warm, and enjoy the music.