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Author: Avi

Crafts From The Hornbill Festival 2013

Hornbill Festival is also a great time to sample and buy various traditional Naga crafts and artefacts. The various stalls in the Naga Heritage Village are one of the very interesting aspects of the Hornbill Festival. From trinkets and amulets to razor sharp Naga daos, you will find a lot of interesting things to buy or browse through. Here are some of the crafts from the stalls during Hornbill Festival 2013 presented a la Instagram style. Traditional Naga pestle & mortar made from wood A wooden sculpture of a Naga warrior Tradional Naga daos Traditional Naga trinkets and bamboo...

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Footloose – National Hornbill Dance Competion : Audition Results

NAFDA has announced the audition results for Footloose – The National Hornbill Festival Dance Competition. 10 solo participants and 1o groups have made it to the ultimate dance competition of the International Hornbill Festival.   SOLO    1. Binani Khamnam –  Manipur 2. Isha Naravane – New Delhi 3. Dzupalu Clara Dukru – Nagaland 4. Afai – Assam 5. Tsapila – Nagaland 6. Andrew Dungel – New Delhi 7. Ekon – Nagaland 8. Esalami Lywait – Meghalaya 9. Jhmoy Sanate – Meghalaya 10. Kekhelo – Nagaland   GROUP     1. Elementz – Nagaland 2. Hebron Heartbreakers – Nagaland...

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7×7 Music Concert: 7 music bands – 7 Northeast States – One Cause

~New Delhi witnessed a unique first of its kind Northeast India’s concert featuring 7 talented bands from each seven state of Northeast~ New Delhi: As a part of their 7×7 music project, BASIC, a non-profit organisation organised a unique first of its kind musical event in New Delhi on 2nd November 2013. The concert featured all the seven bands from each of the seven states of Northeast India who are part of BASIC’s ‘7×7’ musical project, the album of which was launched earlier this year, on the theme of ‘youth & drug abuse’. It not only showcased the diverse musical talents the region is known for, but also created awareness and sensitised the youth to the myriad drug abuse related problems that have devastating and far reaching effects. The following bands from the seven states of Northeast India, featured in the album, enthralled the crowd – The Vinyl Records from Arunachal Pradesh, Axis from Assam, Alien Conspiracy Theory from Manipur, Frisky Pints from Mizoram, Afflatus from Meghalaya, Abiogenesis from Nagaland and Borkung Hrangkhawl from Tripura. During their performances each band gave out messages on the issues of ‘youth and drug abuse’ and encouraged the youth to stay away from drugs. Each band for the first time in public performed their songs exclusive to ‘7×7’ music album. 7×7 music album features seven songs from each band – Coco Bomb by...

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Sikkim Voted the Best Place to Travel in 2014

The Lonely Planet has listed Sikkim as the best place to visit in 2014. Sikkim has been relentlessly promoting tourism in the state. Sikkim is already a favorite among foreign tourists. This is a much deserved recognition for Sikkim. Other places on the list are The Kimberley, Australia at #2 spot and Yorkshire, England at #3. The ancient monasteries, the snow capped mountains, the vibrant lakes et al make Sikkim a complete delight for tourists. Sikkim has been promoting responsible tourism, adventure tourism, and eco-tourism initiatives in the state. Some of the main attractions in Sikkim are the Rumtek Monastery, Lingdum Monastery, Gurudongmar Lake etc. Sikkim is indeed a breathtaking experience and a must visit.   Photo Credit: Gurudongmar Lake  by Saran Chamling...

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Upcoming Events

all-day Miu @ Tuensang
Miu @ Tuensang
May 5 all-day
Miu festival is held in the first week of May every year.  The festival is celebrated by the Khiamniungan tribe of Nagaland.
all-day Thsukhenyie @ Phek District
Thsukhenyie @ Phek District
May 6 – May 10 all-day
Thsukhenyie is the major festival of the Chakhesang tribes of Nagaland.
all-day Ambubasi Mela @ Kamakhya Devi Temple
Ambubasi Mela @ Kamakhya Devi Temple
Jun 22 – Jun 26 all-day
Ambubasi Mela @ Kamakhya Devi Temple | Guwahati | Assam | India
Ambubachi Mela or Ambubasi festival is also known as Ameti or Tantric fertility festival and is a four-day mela (fair).The festival is related to the Tantric cult.

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