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Author: Soyuz Sharma

Microwave Baked Bhangone/Nara/Bango (Labeo Bata) Fish

Microwave Baked Bhangone/Nara/Bango (Labeo Bata) Fish INGREDIENTS Bhangone Maas (Labeo Bata) – 5 (250 grams) Tomato – 1 Sesame – 1 tablespoon Cumin – 1 teaspoon Garlic – 10 pods Ginger – Half thumbsize Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp Lemon juice – 2 tablespoon Salt, Mustard Oil, Banana leaf METHOD Cut and clean the fishes properly, make some cuts on the fishes bodies with a sharp knife Roast the Sesame and Cumin on a tava or microwave Add Tomato, Sesame, Cumin, Garlic, Ginger, Red chilli powder and Salt together and make a paste Place the paste in a...

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Juit Pura Bilahi, Aloor logot Gahori (Pork with Fire Grilled Tomato and Potato)

A delicious pork recipe from Assam (known for its awesome Assam tea); pork cooked with fire grilled tomato and potato. INGREDIENTS Pork – 500 grams Potato – 2 Tomato -1 Dry Red Chilli – 12 Green Chilli – 5 Ginger – 2 (Thumb sized) Garlic – 15 pods Salt to taste   METHOD Fire grill the Potatoes, Tomato and 10 Dry red chillies Make a paste of one thumb sized Ginger, 10 Garlic pods and the 10 fire grilled Dry red chillies* Boil the Pork in a pressure cooker with one cup water until the water evaporate completely Add the...

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Upcoming Events

all-day Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Po... @ Mapal Kangjeibung
Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Po... @ Mapal Kangjeibung
Jan 17 – Jan 21 all-day
Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament @ Mapal Kangjeibung | Imphal | Manipur | India
Manipur Tourism organizes the women’s polo tournament every year to commemorate the Manipur statehood day. Manipur is the birthplace of modern Polo. Manipur Tourism will organize the 3rd Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament from January 17-21,[...]
all-day Lui Ngai Ni @ Senapati
Lui Ngai Ni @ Senapati
Feb 15 all-day
The Lui-Ngai-Ni Festival is one of the biggest festivals of the Nagas (Anal, Mao, Maram, Poumai, Tangkhul, Zemei, Liangmai, Rongmei, Puimei, Moyon, Monshang, Maring, Tarao, Lamkanq, Chothe, Kharam, Chiru, Koireng, and Thangal Naga tribes) of Manipur. Lui-Ngai-Ni Festival[...]
all-day Aoling Festival @ Mon
Aoling Festival @ Mon
Apr 1 – Apr 5 all-day
The Aoling Festival marks the arrival of spring season and the  start of new year for the Konyak tribe of Nagaland.

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