A short boat ride on the Loktak Lake is a fun thing! You can rent out  a whole boat for yourself for a mere 200-300 INR and enjoy a quick ride on the idyllic fresh water lake. It’s probably not the most exciting boat ride ever but worth a dekko if you are visiting the Loktak Lake. At-least you get up-close with pristine beauty of the lake.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 1

The boats are sort of colorful and made by joining two small ones with a bamboo platform.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 2

The majestic slopes over the horizon of Loktak Lake.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 3

Phumdis, the floating mass, are special characteristics of the lake. They are so strong and sturdy that the local fishermen build houses on top of them.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 5

This is how close you can get to enjoying the phumdis and the scenic view. You can actually ask the boatmen to stop on on of these phumdis so that you can walk on them. Not very advisable but worth a try.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 6

The aquatic green life that forms a major component of the floating mass, phumdis.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 7

The wild grass and wildflowers make it so very amazing esp. when the wind blows through them.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 8

A view of the makeshift dock where the boats, boatmen, and visitors alike wait to get on a short but sweet rendezvous with the Loktak Lake.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 9

A boy idling away on his boat.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 10

The lake is full of visitors esp. on the weekends. Here’s a fellow boatman with visitors onboard that we crossed paths with.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 11

You can even take turn paddling the boat; just for fun.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake 12

A view of the Sendra hillock from the boat.

Boat Ride Loktak Lake

It’s the scenic views like this one that make it an amazing experience at Loktak Lake.