Boomarang is a five piece band hailing from the North East hills of Mizoram. They were amongst the “Ten New Indian Acts to watch out for ” by the Rolling Stone Magazine,08 Ind.

The solemn flow of their music is triggered by two soulful Lushai six-string executioners blended with a thundering & groovy down-tone from the man behind the low notes. A drummer who is a maniac- dynamic battering ram with Rockefeller stellar like enigma perseverance- illuminating from the actively dreaded front man. Truly, a blizzard act to reckon with.

Boomarang Band Biography

Vocals : Atea

Guitar : Boom Hangsing & Jonah Ralte

Bass : Joshua

Drums : RS

Band Manager : Trigam Mukherjee

Phone : +91 9900134919 | +91 8794072501

Booking Agent : Radio Indigo

Official FB Page : Boomarang Band


1. Winners at – Nokia Lords of Music, Alcheringa Rock O Phoenix, Incandescence Festival.
2. Runners up – Independence Rock 2007.
3. 2n’d Runners up- Horn bill National Rock Contest 2006.
4. Jack Daniels Best Bassist Award 2008.
5. North East Beat Best Guitarist Award 2006.
6. Lelte Band of the Year 2009,2010.

courtesy: Boomarang Band FB page