Chhaang is Sikkim’s rendition of the local beer and a much more headier concoction than the average beer. Traditionally, a Nepalese drink, it is made from fermented millet and served on a bamboo container which is traditionally called the ‘Tongba’ and is sipped using a bamboo pipe/straw. The  millet filled Tongba is usually topped up with warm water and allowed to settle for 5 mins after which a blunt bamboo pipe/straw with perforated sides is inserted to drink it. The blunt end blocks the millet while the perforation acts as a filter to the the water and alcholo pass through. Every now and then as the Tongba becomes dry, warm water is poured into it until the millet loses its flavor.

Now don’t forget to sample some of these heady concoction the next time you are in Sikkim. Hic!


Photo By Bhattaraibinod3 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons