NE@Connect is where we connect with talents from the North East states. NE@Connect will feature amazing folks who are inspiring in a lot many ways. And, we are glad to start off our NE@Connect series with Dolly Laishram Bhardwaj – a working mom with an amazingly creative alter-ego, a passionate amateur photographer with a zest for creative handicrafts.

Dolly Laishram Bhardwaj is an amateur bird photographer and Birder; an HR professional by profession but in Love with Nature and Creativity.  Born and brought up in Manipur, Dolly has a fancy to explore Manipur and capture the beauty with her lens. And she would like to retire among the woods, chirping birds, fresh village air, winding rivers, green horizon…Dolly blogs about the birds in her life at She also blogs about anything creative under the sun esp. creative handicrafts a la Amigurumi style at

Thanks for taking out time for this, Dolly! We have seen some great and amazing shots from you. What is your inspiration in photography and esp. bird photography? How did it all start?

Thanks so much for liking my shots. Actually it all started with a Tailor bird, who comes at the guava tree next to my Balcony. And then there was this urge to see those birds, whose names I have heard so many times while growing up through the Manipur folklore but have never seen them.

Which camera do you use and what are the accessories?

I started with a Sony point and shoot and then upgraded to Canon EOS 1000D with a 100-400mm Lens.

When going out for outdoor shoots, what are the important things that you often keep track of?

I keep a checklist before I go out for any outdoor shoots and few of the most important from the checklist are:
– Charged Batteries
– Memory cards
– Dry Bag (very important to protect the camera and lens through rough weather)
– Swiss Knife and Money 🙂

It is believed that photography is not just about the camera, it’s also about the person behind the camera. What is your thought regarding this?

It is very true because everybody can afford to buy the equipments but other than the equipments, a photographer needs to have lots of patience, should be ready to get dirty/ tanned. In my case, there were times when I was on my feet from morning 5AM to evening 7PM, all dirty head to toe, with minimal water supply/ food.

NE is a great place to explore with a camera and offers some of the most splendid landscapes. What is your favorite place and why?

I feel NE is the best place in the world, every state with each unique customs/ traditions/fauna and flora. However, my favorite place will always remain Manipur, the place I was born and brought up. Manipur has so much to offer and there are so many unexplored destinations and one day, I would like to visit every village in Manipur and capture them through my lens.

Besides Photography, do you have any other passions that make you feel excited or elated?

Besides photography, I am also in love with handcrafted arts such as Crochet toys/ embroidery/ paintings etc.

What’s really amazing is that you are a working mom and yet you manage to devote time for your creative instinct. How do you do it? How do you juggle work, family, and your creative quests? 

This is the most common question asked to me 🙂

There are couple of points which run like veins in my life and they are:
– An all time supportive husband, who stands by me, come what may
– My sons, who give me company to the jungles, beating the heat/dust and to spend time with me
– My in-laws, who love me unconditionally and support me always
– I try my best not to bring work when I come back home and avoid working during the weekends