It’s the onset of festive season yet again in the North East. Here are some of the most awaited festivals lined up for the next few weeks in the north east region.

1. Manipur Sangai Festival 2014 – The premier tourism festival will start on Nov 21st and continue till Nov 30. It’s slowly catching up on the popularity charts and hope this year will have much more traditional and cultural activities to witness rather than the usual ho-hum local mela twist. A must attend though for anyone who wants to get a quick insight on Manipur.


2 . Panyor River Festival 2014 – 5 day, Nov 21st to Nov 25th, long adventure packed event at Panyor river in the beautiful and picturesque valley of Yazali in Arunachal Pradesh. Yazali is about a few kilometers away from Itanagar, the capital city. Loaded with adventure activities like river rafting, outdoor camping, paragliding et al, this is just the right time for your adrenaline rush. You can also savor some amazing local food. The timing coincides with the Manipur Sangai Festival but well it’s your choice – totally adventure packed outdoor camping fun in Arunachal or culture, fun, and some adventure time in Manipur.


3. Hornbill Festival 2014 – The mega tourism festival from the north eastern region, the Hornbill Festival starts from Dec 1st to Dec 10th. Yes, continuing with last years’ tradition, it’s a full 10 days of culture and festivity madness in Kisama. And yes, Smokie and Vince Moore will be at the Hornbill Rock Festival this year on Dec 3rd.

hornbill festival of nagaland

A special mention for Orange Festival 2014 in Tamenglong district of Manipur if you are sneaking out of Hornbill Festival early and entering Manipur. It’s a one day fair/event on Dec 9 to promote the Tamenglong oranges; basically an exhibition to promote and market the locally grown oranges. Cultural events and the Orange Queen are the other highlights of the festival.


So if you are visiting or planning to visit the region in the next couple of weeks, check out these festivals. Also, please let us know if we missed out on anything that you think is huge and popular and upcoming in the next couple of weeks. Stay warm and have fun!