Footloose is the first national level dance competition in Nagaland. The
competition is the brainchild of Nagaland Fitness and Dance Academy(NAFDA)
and is organized in association with the Government of Nagaland. The
competition is a part of the International Hornbill Festival and will be
held from 7th to 9th Dec at The Heritage (Old DC Bungalow) in Kohima,
Nagaland. The total prize money for the competition is Rs. 2.9 lacs. And,
10% of the ticket sale proceeds for the event will go to Footprint

NAFDA is focused on promoting talented Naga youths who are passionate
about dancing and to provide a common platform to nurture and enhance
dancing skills.


Footloose details:

Last date of registration : 14th Nov, 2013

Prizes : For Solo – 1st prize Rs. 70,000, 2nd prize Rs. 50,000 and for Group 1st Prize Rs.1,00,000, 2nd prize Rs. 70,000

Email :

Phone : +91-9089562821 / +91-8731681075