Hornbill Festival is the premiere festival of Nagaland. The festival is a week long cultural extravaganza celebrated every year from Dec 1-7. Hornbill Festival provides a common platform for all the Naga tribes to come together under one roof and showcase their culture and tradition. It is hosted at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama.

What actually started as a cultural and traditional conglomeration of the Naga tribes has slowly emerged to be one of the biggest cultural festivals in the world. Hornbill Festival has evolved to a multicultural fiesta with cultural troupes of not only Nagaland but also the neighboring northeastern states of India, eastern European countries, and South East Asian countries performing and highlighting their cultural plight during this week long festival.

Apart from the cultural events, other events like rock fest, adventure car rally, literature fest etc are organized during the festival. Hornbill Festival is simply culture and tradition exemplified and a must attend. Download this Hornbill Festival photobook for just $0.99.


Photo Credit: rajkumar1220