Music is an essential part of our culture here in the North East. We grow up listening to the soul stirring traditional music in our very early years through the various cultural festivals and slowly get enthused with Bollywood and western music as we grow up. Most of us share a common childhood filling up our lives with local music legends and western rock classics. And when we came across IIIRD FLOOR a few weeks ago, we got connected with an euphoric music through ‘Prokriti‘ that reminded us of that common childhood which we all share and reminisce. And then came along their new music project called Hey Hori. Here’s a reveiwNE exclusive preview of the title song – Hey Hori from their new album with the same name.

Hey Hori is a song that reminds us of our early music experience with beats and rhythms that easily connects with us. It makes you want to hum along or tap your feet. It’s a catchy song that reflects on the omnipresent miseries in today’s world, the grief, the hardships et al. It’s a song about seeking God’s blessings to help endure and move on.

IIIRD FLOOR is a Dibrugarh band based at New Delhi. Two brothers – Jiblu Dutta and Bittu Dutta with a musical journey that started way back when they were school kids bring along a musical experience that reflects their musical roots and their regional experiences.

‘Hey Hori’ is a music album made in collaboration with an African artiste. It is a 5 song melody filled project that is currently in video production and will be released sometime this month.

You can follow them on Facebook or check out their music at Reverbnation.

Watch out for a quick interview with the band next week. Meanwhile, please leave a comment and let us know what you think about their music.