The new song by Assamese musician, Joi Barua, which is aptly titled ‘Riders of the Mist’ is an ode to the age-old pony racing tradition in Assam. Joi is from Digboi in Assam and started his music career singing jingles in advertisements. He is also the lead vocalist of his band Joi.

‘Of all the things i dream
here and there
this and that
happy and sad.
Of all the things i dream
earth and sky
wind and fire
my passion and obsession
pain and pleasure.
I’ll be looking for you
i’ll be looking for you
beyond my planet
beyond this blue..’

‘Riders of the Mist’ is the official soundtrack of the documentary film “Riders of the Mist”. The song is also on his album “Pride”. The song as well the documentary is focused on highlighting the 130 year old tradition of pony racing which is still kept alive by the Mishing bareback riders and tea plantation community.

It’s a great touching song that’ll strike a chord with a lot of listeners. The song and the video gives you a nostalgic feel. And call it corny if you like but that dash of huskiness on Joi’s voice is the joie de vivre.  w00t!


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