Khrangsuri Falls is undoubtedly the best waterfall in Meghalaya and one of the most beautiful in the North Eastern region. Located in the Jowai region of Meghalaya, the waterfall is blessed with pristine natural beauty and clear blue waters.

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How to reach Khrangsuri Fall?

The best way to reach Khrangsuri Fall is from Dawki, the last border town of Meghalaya along the India-Bangladesh border. From Dawki, take the road to Jowai until you reach Amlarem Village which is about 30 kms away from Dawki. Upon reaching Amlarem Village, you will need to take the diversion to Khrangsuri which is about a good 5 kms drive.

The best time to visit the Khrangsuri Falls is after the monsoon so that you can get a clear view of the blue waters of this amazing waterfall. Ideally, the best time will be November to February. June to August is also just fine but it will be cloudy and gloomy and will not offer the best view.

Khrangsuri Falls is quite safe for travellers. All you need to do is take extra precaution esp. if you are taking a boat/raft ride on it. These precautions are indeed required for any nature/adventure tour like rafting or trekking or caving.

Khrangsuri Falls Travel Advisory:

  1. Carry raincoats/umbrellas 
  2. Stay alert and careful while exploring the waterfall or rafting
  3. Carry sufficient food and water
  4. Stay warm and enjoy the bountiful nature

Khrangsuri Falls is indeed an amazing experience and you are bound to come back with memories that will be cherished forever.

Safe travels!

Photo by Andy Pariat. Follow Andy Pariat on Instagram for more awesome pictures of Khrangsuri Falls and Meghalaya.