Loktak Lake, also referred to as the floating paradise, is a beautiful fresh water lake in Manipur. It is the largest fresh water lake in the north eastern region. The floating phumdis make Loktak Lake the only floating lake in the whole world.


loktak lake


Loktak Lake is a picturesque location and the view is breathtaking.


loktak lake 14


Loktak Lake is a source of livelihood for the local fishermen.


loktak lake 13


The local fishermen live on houses built on the phumdis and use traditional wooden boats to move around the lake.


loktak lake 12


The floating phumdis are the most interesting aspect of the Loktak Lake.


loktak lake 11


The phumdis are heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matters at various stages of decomposition.


loktak lake 6


The view of the surrounding hills is spectacular.


loktak lake 8


Local fishermen scouring for a good catch on the Loktak Lake.


loktak lake 9


A boat cleaning the waters of Loktak Lake.


loktak lake 10


Loktak Lake is simply beautiful.


loktak lake 5


The water looks fresh and clean but the Loktak Lake slowly dying; apparently in its last stage.


loktak lake 4


Houses built on the floating phumdis of Loktak Lake.


loktak lake 3


Loktak is a must visit if you are in Manipur.


loktak lake 2


Loktak Lake is a major tourist attraction for the state and is of great significance.