Mon district of Nagaland is simply a mystic and euphoric place that resonates the rich tribal heritage of the state. Home to the Konyak Nagas, Mon is an ethnic paradise and stupefying if nonetheless intriguing. Located in the northeastern part of Nagaland, Mon is well known for the headhunting tradition practiced ages ago by its inhabitants, the Konyak Nagas. Mon is located at an altitude of 897.64m above sea level. Check out this amazing video by Vimeo user warmeye.

The Konyaks of Mon are really an interesting tribe with a vibrant and rich heritage. Historically, the Konyaks of Mon district were tattoed warriors who used to practice headhunting back in the days. The tattoos on the faces and the exquisite jewellery adorning the warriors are signs of their achievements and instincts during the headhunting days. And the Konyak warriors of Mon wear them with pride.

A visit to the Mon district of Nagaland is incomplete without stopping by at the Angh’s house. Anghs are the hereditary chiefs which is prevalent only among the Konyaks. The Angh’s house is the biggest in the village and is adorned with skulls and exquisite woodwork. The tattoos, the ear rings, the colorful headgear et al marks the might and the power of the Angh.


How to reach Mon, Nagaland?

Mon is well connected with Kohima, Dimapur, and Jorhat (Assam). There are direct bus services from these Kohima and Dimapur to Mon. There are no direct bus services from Jorhat to Mon and you have to first reach Sonari or Simulguri in Assam. Direct bus services to Mon are available from Sonari. However, there are no direct buses to Mon from Simulguri; you have to reach Naganimora to get on a direct bus to Mon.

Important Bus routes to Mon, Nagaland:

  • Sonari to Mon – 65km (direct bus service)
  • Simulguri to Naganimora to Mon – 20km+75km (change bus at Naganimora)
  • Kohima to Mon – 368km (direct bus service)
  • Dimapur to Mon – 294km (direct bus service)


Places to visit in Mon, Nagaland

Shangnyu Village – a prominent Konyak village known for its wonderful wooden monument measuring 8 feet in height and 12 feet in breadth

Chui Village – another interesting Konyak village known for the magnificent house of the Angh adorned with skulls

Naganimora – a beautiful small town in Mon district known for its breathtaking wide panoramic views

Longwa Village – one of the biggest and the most interesting village in Mon, Nagaland located along international boundary line with Myanmar; one half of the Angh’s house falls within the Indian territory, whereas the other half comes under Myanmar

Veda Peak – the highest peak in Mon, Nagaland offers a magnificent view of the Brahmaputra river in Assam and the Chindwin river in Myanmar