In the beginning Earth (Sichi) was barren without any fauna when the first plant Tapi ( Sichi-chita-Tapi)sprouted from the ground which unfortunately dried up and fell down with time. When the trunk of this tree was split up as firewood by the youngsters of the Miti-Mita land ,a strange worm was found inside which they reared as a pig in a pigsty. In due course the worm grew up to be a huge swine which then escaped from the pigsty and started devouring the crops of the Miti-Mita people. Therefore with the help of their two dogs Tero & Lero they tried to recapture the escaped pig which didn’t succeed inspite of chasing it to all corners of earth, water and the sky in the realms of Singgo-donggo, Buru-Buik, Doying –Doji,Busu-Yaa, Bote-Kaate,Uyu-Upong etc .Finally it was cornered in the place called Kate-Lige(cliff) where it was shot with arrows wherein it fell into the waterfall called Donyi-ga mir-mir Buding.

Now the Miti-Mita youngsters instructed the birds and animals to retrieve the pigs body from the water.First to go in was the langur which failed, followed by the birds Pesu Yangko and then Ngudo Gapo(Coppersmith barbet).But the former came unsuccessful but with its chest feathers turned white , the latter came out with redmarks in its forehead and bottoms which stays to this day. As a last resort the spider was instructed to spin a web and trawl the waterfall but when it pulled out, instead of the pig a strange round object was in the net.The people of Miti-Mita carried it everywhere but nobody could identify it wherein they finally went to the land of Busu-Yaa. The Busu-Loma & Lomo inserted a gold skewer into the object and moved it round-and-round whence the musical sound of PODI (cicada) emerged.They then enquired where it wanted to dwell wherein it said it wanted to stay in the rock (Poli/eling) of the high mountains of the north and its wish was granted.There, it gave birth to an offspring called Poli-Libar-BARBI. Since then the names are together used as PODI-BARBI for the mountain cicada. Thus other plants and animals that live on the mountains are also named after Poli, and Podi-Barbi is considered as above them all in genealogical hierarchy.

Some examples—
Poli>Libar>Barbi(Podi-Barbi); Poli>Liben>Benbo(Takin); Poli>Lier>Herde(Soyer/sheep); Poli>Liku>Kunu( Soku/Moschus spp.); Poli>Lisam>Samchi( a mountain rodent); Poli>Lide>Depo (Pede, a mountain bird); Poli>Lingo>Ngopo( pongo/tragopan); Poli>Like>Kebi( a type of rodent); Poli>Liji>Jibi(chimarrogale spp.) etc.

Each of them chose the places of its habitats afterwards. Then, Gopu & Goye (sp.Tosena Fastiata)of Miti-Mita plains( Sinu>nugo>Gopu & Goye) sent a proposal for marital relationship to the belle Podi-Barbi. On acceptance Podi-Barbi started putting on the finest ornaments like Alu, Ralung, Hini,Tadok,Sidu-Yerge,Gasi-Gajap,Tayen-Yagda,Ug-Buglu and also the blessings for wealth, happiness, crops and prosperity in the new place.On leaving her home in the mountains grief overcame her and Podi-Barbi started to cry and all the birds and animals of the mountains cried with her.On her way she halted 3 days in the abode of the Yani-Yana(dwarf mountain bamboo) and when she left them they dried up in grief too. Next she halted 3 days in the lower slopes amongst the Tami(finger millet),Ame(paddy),Taye(pearl millet) crops.On her departure these too dried up. Now when Podi-Barbi approached the land of the Tani(humans) they greeted her with beer,food, and sacrifices of mithun as well as merriment,singing of Jajin, Barii,Ponung etc.They requested her to bestow Tanis with blessings of health, good crops ,peace and prosperity. This is the beginning of and reason for the celebration of Podi-barbi Festival annually. 

From there Podi-Barbi went to the land where grew the kokam(a plant) and next where henchi trees grew. Here the Gopu & Goyes came up from Miti-Mita to greet her but the poisonous smell of omo (Aconite plant) she carried with her from the high mountains killed the Gopu & Goye.Finally when Podi-Barbi reached the plains of Miti-Mita she could not bear the heat and while taking bath in its lake to cool herself she was drowned.Thus every year Podi-Barbi comes down from the snowy mountains to the plains never to return, while the Gopu-Goye comes up from the plains to the hills but never reaches the higher mountains.