Nagaland is another beautiful and picturesque state in the north eastern part of India. Yet another cultural paradise, Nagaland is an amazingly beautiful state and simply mesmerizing with nature’s beauty sprinkled all over with lavish extravagance.

Endowed with a plethora of nature’s beauty, Nagaland is nature lover’s paradise. The juvenile beauty and cultural exuberance that the state has to offer is truly an experience of a lifetime. Kohima, the capital city, is a hill station situated 1444.12m above sea level. The winding roads, the lush green fields decking up on the sides of the hill, the lively local markets all represent in bits and parts the scintillating experience one can get in Kohima.

The exotic culture, an unhurried pace of life, calm and serene environment with its fresh and unpolluted air makes Nagaland a great place to unwind to soak nature’s beauty in its pure and pristine form.