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Planning for a Nagaland Tour? Our Nagaland Tour Packages are specially designed and tailor made according to your needs making sure that all the top and the best attractions are covered so that you can relax and enjoy a memorable trip.

Nagaland Tour Packages

Welcome to Nagaland – the land of the Nagas. Nagaland is a beautiful state rich in cultural diversity and bountiful nature. It is a dream destination for culture enthusiasts and adventure travellers. Nagaland is also known as the land of festivals where you will find one cultural festival or another being celebrated every month. These festivals give you an amazing insight into the culture and history of the Nagas. Our packages have been carefully designed to provide you an amazing experience in Nagaland – all tailor made and customized according to your requirements. Nagaland is one of the best places to visit in North East India. Check out this resourceful insights on the Best Escapes East and North East India and the North East Guide.

Our Nagaland package tours cover all the best places to visit in Nagaland:

  • Dimapur – the hustling commercial hub of the state
  • Kohima – the amazing city on a hill and capital city of Nagaland
  • Mokokchung – the home of Ao Nagas known for their heat warming hospitality
  • Mon – a cultural paradise, land of the Anghs, and home to Konyak Nagas who were once relentless head hunters

The other places of interests included in our tour packages are the Khonoma Green Village, Kohima Cathedral, State Museum, Naga Heritage Village at Kisama, Dzukou Valley, Japfu Peak, Tuophema, Shilloi Lake and many others. There are lots of interesting places to visit in Nagaland and if you are keen on a complete and extensive tour, you need to take a long vacation and we can help you work out an extensive trip.

Pkg 1 – 3N/4D – Kohima Exclusive Tour

Day1 – Arrive at Dimapur. Drive to Kohima.

Day2 – Explore Khonoma and Southern Dzuku Valley

Day3 – Kohima City Tour and Kisama

Day4 – Kohima to Dimapur. Drop at airport/railway station

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Pkg 2 – 5N/6D – Kohima+Imphal Tour Package

Day 1 – Dimapur to Kohima. Overnight at Kohima.

Day 2 – Kohima to Imphal via Kisama. Explore Imphal city.

Day 3 – Drive to Loktak Lake. Overnight at Imphal.

Day 4 – Imphal to Kohima. Explore Kohima City.

Day 5 – Kohima to Khonoma and southern Dzuku.

Day 6 – Drive to Dimapur. Drop to airport.


Pkg 3 – 5N/6D – Kohima & Around Tour

Day1 – Arrive at Dimapur – Explore Dimapur and overnight stay

Day2 – Breakfast and head off for Kohima – Explore Kohima

Day3 – Explore Khonoma village

Day4 – Explore Kisama – Viswema – Jakhama

Day5 – Explore Dzuku Valley

Day6 – Kohima to Dimapur – Drop to airport

Pkg 4 – 8N/9D – Exclusive Nagaland Tour

Day1 – Arrive at Dimapur – Explore Dimapur and overnight stay

Day2 – Breakfast and head off for Kohima – Explore Kohima

Day3 – Explore Khonoma village – Head for Tuophema – Overnight at Tuophema Tourist Village

Day4 – Tuophema to Mokokchung

Day5 – Explore Mokokchung

Day6 – Mokokchung to Mon

Day7 – Explore Mon

Day8 – Explore Mon

Day9 – Mon to Guwahati – Dropping at airport


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We also have customized Hornbill Festival tour packages that cover the most amazing tourism festival of North East India and the flagship tourism festival of the state, the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland. The Hornbill Festival is a 10 day long cultural festival that starts from Dec 1 to Dec 10 every year in Kisama, Nagaland. The tour packages is designed in such a way that you can enjoy the best moments of the Hornbill festival and still have enough time to hit the other interesting places in Nagaland without you having to sweat a bit.

Nagaland Tour Packages are a huge hit and packed with exciting and fun filled adventure activities, leisure treks, and fascinating cultural activities. You can soak up all the pristine nature and amaze at the cultural diversity the state has to offer. Known for its mystical culture and traditions, and bountiful lush green nature, Nagaland is a must for anyone looking a delightful cultural experience. Nagaland is perhaps one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the north eastern region of India because of its cultural plight and exuberance.

With our Nagaland tour package, you can have the best of the facilities and visit all the famous cultural destinations easily and comfortably. The package has been specially designed experienced professionals to make sure that all your travelling needs are met helping you enjoy a hassle free vacation. Our tour guides are friendly and amicable and will go the extra mile to take care of you during your stay here in Nagaland. We believe in making your trip the most enjoyable and memorable ever in the region.

Come visit Nagaland and explore the beautiful places nestled on the mystic hills, the vibrant culture of the Nagas, soul stirring music, and colourful festivals. Here’s a great read about Nagaland: A Journey to India’s Forgotten Frontier.

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