v lalmuana mimsa MiMSA (MIZORAM MOTORSPORTS ASSOCIATION) organizes the MiMSA Motorcycle Racing Championship every year to promote motorsports in Mizoram. The 7th edition was recently held in March. Here’s a short and quick chit-chat with MiMSA Technical Chief, Mr Van Lalmuana.


The 7th edition of the MiMSA motorcycle rally was held recently in the first week of March. How was the response in terms of participation and the crowd audience?

As you know we have just finished the 7th MiMSA Motorcycle Racing Championship. Regarding participation, every time we conduct new races, entries are gradually growing, but in terms of crowd audience, the last event had lesser spectators compared to the previous races.

Apparently, Mizoram is home to one of the oldest bike clubs (Aizawl Thunders) in the country, and now we have the MiMSA motorcycle championship which is supposedly the only such competition held in the northeast. How does it feel to organize such a great sporting event esp. in our region?

We are really fortunate to be the only state who can conduct this kind of racing in the North East. Without the support of our Government, these races will never happen. They have lent us an abandoned airstrip for this purpose, which we are using it free of cost and on top of that we are constantly modifying the track to suit our needs.

When did the idea of organizing such a championship come up? Is there any moment during the course of this journey that is worth mentioning that you would like to share with us?

In 2009, Yamaha Motors India Ltd conducted a Ride Tech Challenge here in Aizawl, which was a race solely for Yamaha customers. After the race, some of our founding members got together to form MiMSA. We would like to share with you, within such a short time after the conception of MiMSA, we have already had a National Champion in National Motorcycle Racing Championship last year, which was held under FMSCI and right now some of our boys are participating in the ongoing championship and have already taken some trophies again at Buddh International circuit which was held in March.

MiMSA Motorcycle Racing Championship 2013 22

What types of bikes are best suited for the competition?

As Yamaha was the manufacturer who started the racing craze here, naturally in our previous races, Yamaha dominated the track, most of the racers prefer R15 and Fz , but as we progress along, speed increases along with the rider skills, and new manufacturers are also coming up with new bikes to compete with Yamaha. As of now, the racing grid consists mainly of both Yamaha and KTM (different models), plus some tricked out Bajaj and TVS as well. But, mainly, it’s a race between Yamaha and KTM.

In order to participate in our races, a Racing License is a must. To apply for this license, the racer should hold a valid driving license or in case of minors, he/ she should have a written consent from parents or guardians to apply for the license. Application for the Racing License is open once a year and we notify it through announcements on our FB Page and FB Group. All participants should have proper safety riding gear as specified by us, e.g.:- Full Face Helmet/ Gloves/ Knee and Elbow Guards etc , and the bike that he is using for the race will have to go through our technical scrutiny. Every participant should be free of alcohol or any intoxicants.

Were there any other major attractions during the 7th MIMSA Motorcycle championship 2014 apart from bike racing?

The 7th MiMSA Motorcycle Racing Championship was sponsored by the Local Dealer of KTM; we also had professional stunt riders who came from Chennai to perform a show during the race.

This is also a sport that has a great fan following across the globe, how is this sport doing in our region?

In Aizawl , there are hardcore racing fans, but we cannot compare this sport to the likes of football and other athletic games right now, but the popularity and fans are growing with every race; there are bike racing fans in Meghalaya , Assam also.




Thank you for taking out some time with us, Mr Van Lalmuana. We wish you and your team all the very best.

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