Borkung Hrangkhawl, the super cool rapper from Tripura is a musical sensation. His music is what you can say adrenaline on boosters and the lyrics are simply profound. It connects you deep to his roots growing up in a small village in Tripura and speaks about the state and its people.

Never Give Up is his latest music video with DJ Ina featuring Moses Rai. This awesome video was shot Himachal Pradesh (Manila and Losar Spiti Valley), Nagaland (Kohima and Dimapur), Manipur (Loktak Lake), Gujarat (Rann of Kutch) and in Rajasthan (Mandar).

This song talks about my experience as a musician and how Moses, Ina and I came together despite being from different musical background to make music which is slightly different. It talks about the kind of music we play and how we mix different elements of Music. I wanted to share with the audience the kind of life we live and the dreams that we have as a musician which is finally coming true. And i also want to thank all the fans who have been supporting us right from the start and showing up on our shows and appreciating our work. We as a musician we travel to different places and each time we are onstage we see lots of new faces when the curtain raises, which is just amazing. And witnessing all these things makes us feel that we are on the process of coming near to achieving something big. And i’ve also talked about the patience and zeal that we need as humans to be successful. Life is not easy, we have to struggle and we have to face hurdles, but despite all this we have to keep breathing and keep moving against all odds because everything that we do will have an impact in our lives, so every move and every action counts, and no matter what, we should never quit. So its our life, our dream and we will keep moving till we achieve it, and we will never give up.”
So basically i have piled up our experiences in this song so that it can relate to people because as individuals we all have a dream and all it takes is hard work and determination. ”

So Never Give Up.”

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