Excited about the London Olympics 2012? We really are!

It’s one of the most anticipated sporting events for the region. The olympics excitement is slowly and intensely building up and for the North East, it is going to be an amazing time to see its 10 amazing players hog the limelight at London.  And just thinking about it makes us feel so elated here

North East India as a region makes up-to roughly 3.3% of the total population of India. And with 10 players from the North East as part of the Indian Team at London Olympics 2012, it’s really an amazing and interesting feat. 12% of Team India at London Olympics 2012 is from this tiny speck of a region; the lesser known but incredible and mystic North East India. Fancy that! As we already mentioned in our earlier post last week, whatever maybe the result – medal or no medal, we have already won the game with this. Everything else from here is the icing on the cake. May God be with you all. We salute you from our hearts!

Here’s a brief infographic on the plight of North East India at the London Olympics 2012.