Nyokum Festival is the most prominent festival of Arunachal Pradesh. Celebrated by the Nyishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Nyokum is a very colorful festival and reflects the interesting cultural heritage and ethnicity of the Nyishi tribe.

Nyokum Festival is celebrated every year on 26th February with great zeal and spirit. And it has slowly become a symbol of unity, harmony, and ethnicity. Nyokum comprises of two words:  Nyok meaning land and Kum meaning people.

The Nyokum Festival is usually celebrated in community grounds where people wearing traditional clothes gather up, sing, and dance. During the festival, head priest performs rituals and prayers are offered to the spirits to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the people.  Men and women in traditional attire hold hands and gather up forming a circle and perform the traditional dance as they sing “Nyokum bo tapa debe”.  Several competitions that foster the traditional art forms are organized during the festival.

Nyokum Festival has evolved much more than a festival to a celebration of life. Nyokum, indeed, is a colorful way of celebrating life and fostering the great ethnicity of Arunachal Pradesh.


Photo credit: rajkumar1220