Phijigee Mani, my only gem, tears through the veil of mediocrity and immature masala entertainment that had been enthused to Manipuri cinema of late. And it does it so well that it has connected and revived the charm of Manipuri cinema all over again on a national level.

A tale of mother-son relationship told in one of the plainest and subtlest ways ever on Manipuri cinema, Phijigee Mani sure drives home a lot of the sporadic realities of life in modern day Manipur where families struggle amidst the deep-rooted evils of extremism and bureaucratic corruption on one hand, and the struggle and the commitments of family and the responsibility that tends to burden up on one’s shoulders on the other hand; the complexities of life as one juggles between dreams, hopes, aspirations, and the looming reality.

Phijigee Mani also sheds a brief but insightful spotlight on the plight of sports in the state that has contributed quite a lot to Indian sports. There are a plethora of subtle gestures and references about the plight and realities in the life of a common man in Manipur; the bonding of siblings, the endeavor to change lives for the better, the expectations and shortcomings that break hearts, the human relation et al in this short film that it provokes the mind to ponder and reflect upon the basic obligations of life.


Best Regional Film (Manipuri) 2011 at the 59th National Film Awards

Best Supporting Actress 2011 at the 59th National Film Awards: Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi


Gurumayum Bonny Sharma (Bonny)

Elangbam Abenao (Abenao)

Leishangthem Tonthoingambi Devi (Tonthoi)

Directed by:

Oinam Gautam

Produced by:

Takhelchangbam Ongbi Medha Sharmi

Screenplay by:

Y Kumarjit



Music by:

Sorri Senjam