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Andro is a small sleepy town located about 30kms away from Imphal, the capital city of Manipur. Set at the backdrop of scenic landscapes with a great cultural significance, Andro is much more than what meets the eye. The drive from Imphal to Andro is an enjoyable quick ride amidst plush countryside landscape with fields rolling up to the sides of the surrounding hills. Andro has a great lineage of skilled potters and is known for its traditional method of making pots and earthen toys. Andro is also regarded as a heritage site. The Cultural Heritage Complex in Andro is a small complex housing replicas of the traditional huts of the various tribes of Manipur. Developed and run by an NGO, the Cultural Heritage Complex of Andro is a noble initiative, indeed, to preserve and highlight the cultural and traditional significance of the state. You can also get a real life experience of the traditional Andro pottery art. We came across a few old women potters busy with their clay and art and told us stories about the art. The earthen toys are sold starting at about 30INR a piece.