Shillong Chamber Choir is a chamber choir group based in Shillong, Meghalaya. Founded in 2001 by Neil Nongkynrih, it shot to fame after it won the a reality talent show, India’s Got Talent (Season 2) in October 2010, where it performed western chorals, as well as choral-style revamps of Hindi film classics.

Shillong Chamber Choir held a nation spellbound with their exuberance and delightful repertoire of western chorals and classics from Indian cinema. Their repertoire of gospel, jazz, popular, musica sacra, and western classical won them laurels at an international choir competition. They have been regularly performing for the President’s annual Christmas concert and were even invited to perform for a visiting US President and the First Lady.

For the 25 members of the Shillong Chamber Choir the journey has been all about the music. Music that can be best defined as eclectic, youthful, and crossover; their repertoire includes works of western classical greats like Handel, Bach, Gershwin, and Mozart, besides popular hits and Khasi folk songs.

About Neil Nongkynrih, Founder/Director of Shillong Chamber Choir:

It was a dream come true. As a professional concert pianist, Nongkynrih returned to Shillong, Meghalaya after playing in Europe for 13 long years and started the choir with the local youth. Nongkynrih’s dedication and perseverance helped hone the young talent and give wings to their dreams. In the words of Mr. Nongkynrih, “It’s a journey that started off with no big ambition and then it just got bigger.”

Mr. Neil Nongkynrih is an accomplished concert pianist, trained in London. He is also a Composer and Conductor. As a Producer he has collaborated with various artists including the Oscar Award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave (Oxford 2001).

As a teacher one of his more famous pupils is the Multi Grammy Winner, Philip Selway from the British Rock band ‘Radiohead.’


Quick info about Shillong Chamber Choir


Founder/Director:  Neil Nongkynrih

Main Vocalists:  Ibarisha Lyngdoh (Soprano) | William Richmond Basaiawmoit (Tenor)

Soprano:  Patricia Lyngdoh, Jessica Shaw Lyngdoh

Alto:  Donna V. Marthong, Dorea Rangad, Keviseno Terhuja, Rishila Merang Jamir

Tenor:  Kynsai S. J. Lyngdoh, Johanan Maxwell Lyngdoh, Riewbankit Lyndem, Sandon M. Lyndem

Bass:  Banlam H. Lyndem, Adiel Massar, Ryan Lamin

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