Tetseo Sisters are four sisters with a repertoire of folk songs of Nagaland. They sing their “Li” in the Chokri dialect of the Chakhesang Naga tribe of Nagaland and their songs are often accompanied by the age old Naga one stringed instrument, the “Tati/Heka Libuh”. The Tetseo Sisters are trying to keep the tribal Naga tradition of folk singing alive and in their songs, they tell the stories of their people, their joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations.

The Tetseo Sisters have been singing folk music from their childhood and have performed in various parts of the country and abroad. They are currently based in New Delhi and Kohima but are available for performances wherever there is appreciation for good music and cultural exchange. Their musical portfolio also includes western music performances and regular appearances at many music events and festivals including the annual Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, Live Drive, State Roadshows and the Handshake Concerts of 2009 and 2010. Check out their amazing tracks below.


Tetseo Sisters Band Biography


Band Members: Mercy Tetseo | Azi Tetseo | Kuvelü Tetseo | Alüne Tetseo

Record Label: Li Tsale Records

Press Contact: tetseosisters@gmail.com

Booking Agent: tetseosisters@gmail.com, wfl@vsnl.com

Official FB page: Tetseos

Official website: Tetseo Sisters


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