Trekking in North East India

Are you an adventure traveler looking for some outrageously cool trails and trekking trips in north east India? Well, you are in for a treat as these trails and treks in the north east are the very finest you can get in the region.

Trekking in North East India is great fun as the region is lavishly endowed with beautiful nature and rugged terrain. You will get to witness some of the best landscapes and amazing views on these trekking tours in the region. There are several trekking routes to choose from and all these routes are set on a backdrop of meandering streams and rivulets, deep forests, rugged tall mountain ranges and rolling hill slopes. Trekking in north east India is indeed a delightful experience.

Some of the best known and famous trekking circuits in North East India are in Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Sikkim. Even though treks and trails are predominantly common throughout the region, the above 3 states offer the best trekking experiences.

Prominent Trekking Circuits in North East India:

  1. Siang Valley Treks and Trails
  2. Namdapha Treks and Trails
  3. The Living Root Bridges Treks and Trails
  4. Goecha La Trek
  5. Yuksom Treks and Trails

These treks and trails span for atleast a week and up to a month. These are totally guided by professional guides and are a must for adventure freaks and enthusiasts.


Trekking and Camping in Nagaland

khonomaIf you are looking for a shorter and more comfortable trekking activity, we have short treks and camps that span over a couple of days and are more fun and enjoyable. We have a 4 days trek and camp tour in Nagaland that will take you through beautiful terraced fields, and verdant green jungles. Loaded with an overnight camping, these short treks are a great way to spend a brief timeout soaking up nature and the fresh open air.

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Trekking and Camping in Manipur

Manipur offers some amazing trekking and camping trails esp. in the Ukhrul district. Located about 84kms away from Imphal, Ukhrul is a beautiful hill station and home of the vibrant Tangkhul Nagas. Bedecked with loft green forests and picturesque landscapes, Ukhrul has a lot many unexplored virgin territory that will simply enthral you. A quick hike to the Shirui Peak or a camping trail on Phangrei will simply make your trip memorable. Here are some of the most popular trekking and camping tours in Manipur.

  1. Khangkhui Trek and Camp – 3D/2N – Caving at Khangkhui caves. Camping at Harva Khangai.
  2. Nilai Tea Estate Experience – 3D/2N – Homestay. Village trails. Tea estate walks.
  3. Khangkhui and Shirui Trek – 4D/4N – Trek to Shirui Peak. Caving at Khangkhui Caves.

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Best time for trekking in North East India

The north eastern states are hilly and mountainous region and gets almost inaccessible during the rainy season. September to May is the most ideal time to trek in north east India. And spring, February to April, is the best time and you can see a vista of beautiful wildflowers and orchids. The trek during this time is filled splendid views of lush green valleys and enchanting landscape.


Tips for Safe Trekking in North East India

Trekking is a fun activity and becoming widely popular in the region. To get the best out of your trekking trips, consider the following things and prepare well before you head off. Get a pair of great trekking shoes that will keep your feet comfortable and protected. A good sleeping bag is a must. Carry warm clothes esp. socks, jackets, and pants as these will keep you warm esp. during the night and on higher altitudes where temperatures begin to drop drastically. It is good to carry a knife or still better a handy Swiss knife. It becomes quite convenient and useful when trying to get through twines and vines. Always keep a set of matchboxes or a lighter handy with you. Carry along sunscreen, toiletries, hats/caps, and a pair of goggles esp. if you are doing high altitude treks. It is also recommended to carry along water bottles and some snacks like biscuits or chocolate bars to munch along and keep your energy boosted. Even though most of these things are usually covered on the various trekking tours, it is always a good thing to be ready and prepared.


Our Nagaland treks and camping tours are complete packages which include porters, meals, tea breaks, bonfire, camping, and various fun activities.

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