Ujjayanta Palace of Tripura will be open to the public as a state museum very soon. The Ujjayanta Palace is a grandiose neo-classical style palace built as the royal residence of the kings of the Manikya Dynasty covering more than 800acres of space. It was also the Tripura Legislative Assembly from 1972 till 2011.

Ujjayanta Palace is known for its intricate ceilings, fountains, and the magnificent domes. It also has a massive compound with beautiful gardens and ponds. And, as part of the conversion to the museum, new galleries are being added to showcase the culture and artifacts of the various tribes of Tripura. The state govt. is making a lot of effort to scale up the display of artifacts and antiques. Once open to the public, the Ujjayanta Palace will house as a huge collection of statues, coins, scriptures, antiques, and become a seat of cultural studies for the 19 tribes of Tripura.

Ujjayanta Palace will definitely be an amazing museum once it is open. Don’t forget to check out the musical fountain at night time. The floodlights will simply amaze you.


Photo credit : Koshy