Ziro Festival of Music 2015

Brace up music fans! Get ready for “India’s greatest outdoor music festival.” Ziro Festival is all set.

Ziro Festival 2015 starts on Sep 24th through Sep 27th at Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh.  With some really big names on the list, this year is going to be superb. Some prominent names from the region on the list are Guru Rewben Mashangva, Tetseo Sisters, Boomarang, and BK .

Here is the final line up for Ziro Festival of Music 2015, the awesome 4 days of EAT, DRINK, MERRY!

  1. Rewben Mashangva
  2. Tetseo Sisters
  3. Boomarang
  4. BK
  5. Alisha Baath
  6. Menwhopause
  7. Tuden Jamir
  8. Mangka
  9. Yesterdrive
  10. FAADU
  11. The Koniac Net
  12. Barmer Boys
  13. Pilgrim
  14. Side Effect
  15. Takar Nabam
  16. Thermal and a Quarter
  17. Digital Suicide
  18. Dualist Inquiry
  19. RUN! It’s the Kid.
  20. Neel & The Light Bulbs
  21. Prateek Kuhad
  22. North
  23. Gowri Jayakumar
  24. The F16s
  25. Nush Lewis
  26. Omak Komut Collective
  27. Nicholson
  28. Dayglocrazie


Alisha Baath and Menwhopause are also hitting it up yet again this year. Also watch out for Mangka – the folk sensation from Manipur, Tuden Jamir – the Indi heartthrob from Nagaland, Takar Nabam – the jazz refresh from Arunachal, Omak Komut Collective – the folk fusion muse from Arunachal.

Tickets available at http://zirofestival.com/tickets

Travel info at http://zirofestival.com/getting-there